Movers in Montebello


Situated very close to Downtown Los Angeles, Montebello offers more affordable and less hectic living while still giving access to the city. It is also only a short drive to get to Orange County and many other areas. If it’s your next destination, let our movers in Montebello do all the hard work for you!

Quick & Affordable

Moving is often a balancing act, requiring a lot of money up-front just to get quick service or a budget-minded team that works at a snail’s pace. But, the Pasadena Moving Company is not too good to be true. We offer careful, speedy moves at very affordable rates. There’s a reason why our previous clients come back to us!

Ready for Anything

After having spent several years on the job, our movers in Montebello are trained for and ready for anything that comes their way. In fact, their training is continually updated to prepare them for the newest equipment and technology that comes out, keeping your brand new TV or computer totally safe. If you’re looking to move an office, we can do that too!

Enjoy Your Move

At the Pasadena Moving Company, we want to help you enjoy your new home. To get a rate, call us today at (818) 495-8006 or visit our contact page to send a message.

Move the right way with the help of the best movers in Montebello. Reach out today!