Our Complete Checklist for New Moves

Our Complete Checklist for New Moves

Preparing for your move can seem like a very daunting task, especially if you’ve never done it before. While it is definitely a big undertaking, planning ahead can make it much easier. Problems will always arise, so it helps to eliminate any big ones before you even get started. So, are you ready to make a move? Take a look at our checklist of moving tips before you do!

1. Pick Your Date

Picking your date well in advance has many benefits. People are moving all the time, and moving companies tend to get booked up pretty quickly. Do some research and pick a date about a month and a half or so in advance so that you can get the exact date you want. Having a hard deadline allows you to set goals for yourself and to know exactly when everything needs to be done by.

If you’re planning on moving yourself, take a few moments to consider what that really means. Are you comfortable with packing, carrying, and hauling everything you own? What about your larger furniture? It’s understandable to want to save some money by doing it yourself, but just make sure that you are 100% committed to it and everything that it entails. If you’re looking to save time and even some money, hiring professional movers may be the way to go depending on how much you have to handle.

2. Sort Your Things

One of the best moving tips for packing that we can give involves some simple prioritization and organizational techniques. If you’ve booked your movers and you’re tying up loose ends in your current home, grouping your possessions can give you a really good look at everything that you own and what can be packed together. Try to go room by room to ensure that you don’t miss anything and to stay more organized. Separate under-utilized things like books and off-season clothes from furniture and valuables you use daily so that you can live relatively stress-free while you’re packing up.

This is also a good time to decide if some of your items can be donated or thrown away. Remember: the more things you have, the more expensive and complicated your move will be. This doesn’t mean that you need to throw away all of your belongings, but at least consider getting rid of anything unnecessary.

3. Pre-Pack

If you need to buy boxes or tape, make sure you have it all ready before you start the actual packing process. Packing will be a bit labor-intensive and time-consuming, but you don’t want to find out that you don’t have enough tape to finish the job on your moving day. If you have large furniture, double check that it will be able to fit in your new home and that it will fit in your car or the moving van. Use a tape measure to get exact numbers and don’t just eyeball it!

4. Pack & Label

packingThis is part the everyone dreads, and possibly the least fun part of our moving tips checklist. While it isn’t fun, packing well and staying organized is necessary to minimizing stress on the day of your big move. Be sure that you have plenty of sturdy boxes and tape, put some fun music on, and get to work! If you have the time, consider packing over the course of several days. Doing one room at a time makes the work seem more manageable and prevents you from getting too burnt out.

When you’re packing, be sure to take the little extra time necessary to clearly label every box. This will prove to be extremely beneficial when you go to move back in and know exactly where everything is. If you can’t physically pack yourself, or if you don’t have the time, call us and we’ll be happy to do it for you!  

5. Change Your Address

Take some time to change your address for all of your records and points of contact. This includes your mail, your bank, HR at your place of work, credit card accounts, utility bills, plus any magazine or other subscriptions you get through the mail. If you’re moving long distance, you’ll also need to get your medical records forwarded to your new address or new doctor’s office. Call your current office to see what the best way to do that is. It’s also helpful to reach out to any neighbors that you feel comfortable with and ask them to be on the lookout in case any mail comes for you after you’ve left.

6. Make Confirmations and Any Last Minute Work

fridgeCall your movers to confirm that everything is still good to go and that you are both clear on the date and time of the move. While you wait, walk through your home to double-check that you didn’t miss anything. Re-visit our moving tips for packing if you need more help. You’d be surprised at what turns up! Empty out your cupboard and fridge of any food that you’re not going to eat, and unplug the freezer so that it can dry out.

For the sake of nostalgia, visit some of your favorite places in your area and take pictures so that you can always remember them. Call your family and close friends and let them know where your new address is so that they don’t send anything or show up to your old place.

7. The Big Day

Be sure to wake up early and eat a healthy breakfast so that you have the energy to get moving right from the start. As the day progresses, drink plenty of water and continue to eat healthy. If you’re using our services, we’ll check in with you periodically and keep you in the loop with everything that’s going on.

If you try to look at moving as one big process, it seems very complicated and overwhelming. Just like with so many other things in life, the key is to break it down into smaller pieces and handle them little by little. We hope this checklist of moving tips was helpful for you. If you want to make your move much easier, don’t hesitate to give the Pasadena Moving Company a call today at (818) 495-8006 or visit our contact page for more info on our rates and services.

Best of luck in your new home!

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