Our Guide to Corporate Moves

Our Guide to Corporate Moves

It’s one thing to move your own life – moving your business is a whole different ballgame. Whether you’re increasing the size of your company, looking to move to someplace a little more affordable, or you’re just looking to change your location, corporate moves are exciting but stressful. With the Pasadena Moving Company’s office moving services, you can save a ton of money and avoid headaches. Here’s our guide to doing it the right way:

Choosing Your New Digs

We’re not one to tell you how to run your business, so we’ll leave the financials up to you. However, when choosing your location, be sure to seriously consider the size of the offices or rooms and whether or not your furniture will comfortably fit. Playing “Office Tetris” and trying to squeeze too many people into one space will only cause frustration for you and your employees.

Also, if you get to your new spot and discover that all the desks don’t fit, you’ll need to buy new ones, which is money down the drain. The best thing you can do is have a clear plan well ahead of time: how many employees, the size of their workspaces, the floor plan, and any other additions you’d like to make to the space. An office with a view is awesome, but not quite as awesome when your employees are stacked on top of each other. Our business moving services can help with that.

Alert Employees Well In Advance

Chances are, your employees’ desks are full of useless junk that doesn’t need to be moved to your new location. Give your employees enough of a warning so that they’re not scrambling to get their stuff in order. Also, every employee is going to have a little bit of a different procedure when it comes to moving out, so you need to give them time to update their clients and make any changes to their records.

Alert Employees

If your move is a big one, your employees will need even more time so that they can relocate themselves if they’re staying on board.

Pick Your Movers

Your business is extremely important and not something that you want to take risks with. That’s why we recommend you work with professional office moving services to keep everything in order. Plus, you already have enough going on with your work – why would you want to add even more stress to that?

If you’re moving around the LA area, your search will be quick, because you’ve already found the best movers around. The Pasadena Moving Company is very efficient, allowing you to take minimal downtime. We’re even willing to break down your cubicles and re-build them in the new location. With our affordable rates, it’s a no-brainer.

Be Quick, Be Smart

We’ve already talked a little bit about downtime, but it’s important enough that we want to reiterate it. For every hour that you’re moving, your company isn’t fully functioning, which means the potential of losing out on opportunities. You need the help of business moving services that will safely but quickly move your items so that you can get back up and running in no time at all and reduce any losses.

Be Quick

But, don’t sacrifice safety for speed. Some moving companies try to impress you with how quickly they’ll get the job done and end up damaging or destroying office furniture in the process. These unexpected problems are exactly what we’ll help you avoid.


Have An Open Mind

Now comes the fun part: moving into your new office! Having seen tons of different office spaces, we highly recommend that you keep an open mind about what you want your floor plan to look like. A little change can be good for your employees and boost their productivity, but if you go too crazy then it can do more harm than good. Do a little bit of research and draw up some plans so that you have it all mapped out by the time your office moving services come to move everything. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new things like an open layout!

Update Clients and Records

If you’re managing a company that deals with clients in-person or uses physical mail often, you have to be sure to inform all of your clients and associates and let them know that you’re moving. Update your business cards, website, and anything else that has your old address on it to keep it current and avoid any confusion.

Get Rid of Unnecessary Furniture

We’re not just saying this to make our business moving services easier. Just like when you’re moving homes, you need to go through all your furniture and items and determine what can be thrown away or what needs to be replaced. This helps to keep your new office looking fresh and organized, creating a healthier workspace for you and your employees.

Backup Important Information

During a move, it’s not unheard of for things to get lost in the mix. Oftentimes, the stress of getting everything organized causing people to mistakenly throw something away that they’re going to need in the future. Take some time to electronically backup any important documents so that they are safe and easy to access when you get to your new place.

Nowadays, many office moving services are just looking to make a quick buck. Here at the Pasadena Moving Company, we care about you and the success of your business, and we make sure the job is done right. If you have questions or want a rate, you can reach us over the phone at (818) 495-8006 or through the contact page on our website.

No company is too big or too small for us to handle. Now’s the time to move your business the right way with the Pasadena Moving Company!